Starrigavan Birds on a Rainy Day

It was quite wet today, but not quite as windy.

Some snow did accumulate overnight based on the amount pushed up alongside the road, but it was melting off around the neighborhood quickly in the rain. By the time I was up and moving around to see, much of the snow where it had not been piled up was already gone.

I made an afternoon visit to Starrigavan. Tide at a similar level to yesterday when the birds were around. There were similar numbers of birds today, but nothing unexpected.

There was definitely more snow on the ground out there. More accurately, by the time I was out there, it was an inch or so of slush. Arguably, slush is wetter than just stepping in a puddle, since it maintains enough structure to not wash off, but still has plenty of liquid available for soaking in. I was glad I had worn boots.

Rowan joined me for the outing. We walked around estuary loop with a short detour to the beach in front of Old Sitka parking area to check out the birds. It was raining hard enough that I decided not to take my camera out again for the remainder of the walk. We were quite wet by the time we made it back to the car.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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