Winter Grays Continue

The forecast for today didn’t sound very compelling, with winds on the strong side and plenty of rain. As it turned out, the rain fell mostly this morning. There were some good gusts in the morning and it was breezy this afternoon, but not really too bad.

I woke up around 6:30am, fairly early by my standards. I considered getting up and going to look for the Great Horned Owl, but when I started hearing gusts of wind in the trees, and checked the radar to see a strong line of precipitation heading this way, I decided to go back to sleep.

I had calls this morning, and when I finished around noon, skies were looking brighter and the rain had let up.

During the noon hour there was an extended low rumble. At first I thought it might b thunder, but I hadn’t seen a flash it went on for so long I began to wonder if it was a large jet landing. I later heard it was thunder and lightning.

Lunch ended up being later than I had hoped, and by the time we were done eating shortly before 2pm, a heavier gray had settled over once again.

Kitty had a water heater failure over the weekend, and I’ve had the replacement in my car the past few days. The forecast has been for significant winds, the coming days are similar. This afternoon winds seemed low enough to offer an opportunity to get the bulky item moved from my car over to Galankin Island.

It was little awkward getting it moved, but overall went about as smooth as could be hoped.

On the trip across Crescent Bay I noticed a couple of Common Murres, as well as a few other birds.

In part to continue my streak of photos for the year, I took a picture of the from the harbor around the time of sunset. For some reason the white balance was bit off. When I tried to correct it in Lightroom, it ended up looking a bit like a photo from decades past.

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