Working through the Backlog

Last night before I fell asleep there were some strong gusts of wind, but by this morning it seemed pretty calm.

Calls filled up my morning, and a nap felt warranted after lunch.

I did make a trip out to the grocery store, but had limited time before another call, so didn’t spend long looking for pictures.

I did see a flock of 25 or so White-winged Scoters out off SeaMart. They were not really close to shore, but I hadn’t seen any previously this winter.

Rowan’s feeling a bit off, and decided not to risk spreading potential illness to others, so we stayed home rather than go to the Beak for game night.

I spent much of the evening working on photos and iNaturalist observations from 2017. I have quite a bit of work to do to make sure everything from that year is posted as an observation, but am still somewhat hopeful that I can get it done in the next few weeks. The main barrier is my focus for that sort of work has shifted to getting caught up on publishing photojournals from 2020 (February is done, and I’m now working on January) and all the posts I had written in 2019 (then it’s back into the deeper history where little has been written, but there are lots of photos).

Later this evening it was snowing. The forecast is for colder temperatures over the next couple of days, but as the week has gone on, the depth of cold forecast for Sitka has moderated significantly.

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