Snowy Day Driving

Harbor work finished up yesterday before my scheduled shift, which turned out to be a good thing, as my morning did not go entirely as planned.

Overnight, an inch or two of snow had fallen, and it continued through the morning without too much additional accumulation.

Connor’s driving test was scheduled for 11am this morning. Wednesdays are not optimal for me, but they’re the only day tests are offered in Sitka, so he scheduled for later in the morning.

The roads were a bit slippery on the way to and from class, so I offered to let Connor drive around a bit before his test. He was not excited for the snow (especially knowing that the car he is using doesn’t have the best traction in snow), so was glad to get a little practice in on the snow.

As it turned out, the testing was running well behind due to the snow (and each test taking longer). He didn’t even begin the process until 11:30am, and we had an additional delay when the evaluator noticed the license plate did not match the registration (probably due to a typo when the vechicle was registered back in December).

It was after noon before he got back from the test (which he passed), and we had an additional 30 minute wait until he could do the remaining paperwork for getting the license.

I still was feeling a bit off (as I was yesterday), and the 2+ hours in the DMV didn’t help. Although the temperatures warmed, and snow was melting off, I spent much of the rest of the day taking it easy and resting.

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