February Frost

It remained clear overnight and was frosty on the ground this morning. There was some nice feather frost on the car windows, but I didn’t have time to try for good pictures (needing to scrape windows and get to class), so I just grabbed some documentary shots with my phone.

I was a little surprised the sun was only just rising when I went to class, with pink light illuminating only the tallest peaks. As I don’t tend to be an early riser, I guess I pay less attention to progress of daylight gains on the morning side.

Throughout the day, it was mostly clear over town, but clouds hung out to the west.

Usually on sunny days like this (especially when temperatures warm above freezing), the snow sheds off trees, and the mountains look less snow covered (at least the treed part of them) – today was no exception.

This afternoon I went for a walk down to the park. There was interesting cloud formation that looked a little bit like a wavy loop.

My walk was prompted in part by thoughts of catching the sunset behind the lighthouse, but the clouds were too much.

While on my walk, I chcked out the Prasiola on the rocks.

In the forest at the park, I noticed a set of tracks in the snow that I think are cat tracks. It was pretty far in, so made me wonder if it’s a feral cat taking up residence in the park, or one that lives in an adjacent neighborhood and has a wider range than I might expect. (How far do cats, domestic or feral, tend to range?)

Coming through the SJ campus, I heard an owl calling in the forest behind Rasmussen.

After yesterday’s report of Pine Grosbeaks along Halibut Point Road, David K. reported 10 of the same today (in ebird, without a very specific location). Brant were also back at Sealing Cove.

Varied Thrush continue to be abundant, I heard and saw many of them, including utilizing the intertidal.

I finished up getting 2016 photos into inaturalist yesterday, and have started working on reviewing 2017 to get any photos I missed into iNaturalist. (Once I’m through 2017, I will be caught up to this year.)

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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