Observing After Dark

Temperatures warmed up gradually on Monday, and snow changed to rain. Although the forecast called for wind, I didn’t notice much around the house (and didn’t get out elsewhere to look.

Yesterday I had a shift of MMO work – it’s the first one I have done that went into darkness. They have flood lights they turn on to illuminate the mouth of the harbor and the work area, so it’s possible to tell if a marine mammal comes into the harbor. At the end of my shift, my car battery had died (I left parking lights on, which in hindsight was probably unnecessary). It took a while to get a jump, and I took a drive out the road to get it charged up again.

Rain was falling periodically during the day, but temperatures were still in the 30s, and the snow was not melting especially fast, so conditions were pretty slushy.

Today temperatures were in the 40s, and snow was melting faster.

I noticed a couple of showers moving over that had strong gusts of wind at the house, but otherwise it seemed pretty calm.

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