Gavan Hill Trail

Some snow fell overnight on Monday with very light snow during the day yesterday. Based on the forecast, I thought it might change to rain, but the cold held on long enough for it to snow through the night into this morning, resulting in a couple of inches on the ground. By late morning, precipitation was falling as light rain, and the snow was starting to melt from the trees and ground.

Although I was not really feeling inclined to get out, it was time to collect the data from the Gavan Hill ibuttons as well as the ones from Indian River. Originally I had been thinking I wanted to go up Indian River (in part so I could see if the falls fork was frozen, and continue my documentation of water temperatures). However, Rowan preferred to go up Gavan Hill, and my morning had filled up with work, so I opted to go for the Gavan ibuttons today, and instead of walking the whole way, I drove to the Pherson Street trailhead so the round trip would take less time.

Despite my ambivalence about leaving the house at all, once I was out walking it seemed nice. The snow was quite wet, and occasional snow bombs fell from the tree branches as we walked, but in the forest there was not much snow on the ground, and even that was disappearing due to the many water drops coming off the trees.

It’s been some time since I went up a hill, and I was definitely feeling it today. We kept a moderately slow pace, so my breathing wasn’t an issue, but my legs did feel a bit week (even later after I got home).

The forecast is for temperatures to rise up into the 40s by the weekend, so the snow may not last long.

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