Colorful Sunset, Crescent Moon

Enough snow fell overnight to cover everything in a clean layer of white, and muffle the sounds. I suspect there was as much traffic as usual driving by my house this morning as I was waking up, but it seemed quieter than usual.

Clouds were breaking up and blue skies expanding just after 9am this morning. I was walking towards the harbor from downtown and tempted to stop and take pictures of the morning light on the unnamed peak behind the Sisters, but was also on a call for work, so decided to just enjoy the golden light on the snow covered peaks in the moment and not take the time to get my camera out and try to get a picture.

It would have been a nice day to look for animal tracks, but I had plenty of things to work on, and did not get out again until Connor mentioned there was some pink in the sky shortly after the sun had set. I had noticed a layer of clouds towards the south and west earlier, and assumed they went to the horizon and were thick enough that there would not be much of a sunset. I turned out to be wrong about that and stepped outside to enjoy (and take a few photos) of a very colorful sunset that seemed to stretch from the south all the way to the west.

Not only was the sunset colorful, but there was a thumbnail crescent moon high enough in the sky to escape the warm colors of the sunset as it slowly increased in relative brightness as the blue sky faded slowly to purple and black.

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