Rainy Interlude

This morning it was raining for the first time all week. Temperatures were still warm, and by early afternoon the clouds had broken up a bit, with some sun peaking through.

I spent time during the latter half of the morning looking around for a Gray Catbird that was photographed by Karen J. along Lake Street. I was there probably 15-20 minutes after she found the bird, but it had left (or gone into skulking mode), and despite a several people spending time during the day looking for it, I did not hear of it turning up again.

After the Common Nighthawk that was only around for 15-20 minutes earlier in the week, it just makes me wonder how often rare birds show up for a short time while moving through, but no one happens to notice them.

Yesterday was an amazing day weather-wise, with sunny, warm conditions and calm winds. It would have been a great day up in the mountains or out on the water, but neither was in the cards for me, as I had calls for work during both the morning and evening.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for isolated showers and mostly cloudy skies, and Sunday-Friday is forecast to be partly cloudy to mostly sunny. We’ll see if it holds up, but if it does, this morning’s rain may be what we get for the first half of September.

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