Harbor Mountain Road

Rowan and I went up Harbor Mountain road again today. Snow had melted significantly in the past few days since we were last up this way. The second gate was still closed, but looks like it could be opened any time. Between the third gate and the 4th switchback (the one with a view), there … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #156 – Elizabeth Graham

Download Radio Show The May 6th show featured a conversation with Elizabeth Graham, entomologist with the forest service based out of Juneau. Her work focuses on forest health, which you can learn more about on the Alaska Region Forest Service Website. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to … Read more

Merrill Photo in Pioneer Home

I went to the Pioneer Home to visit Marge Ward today and was interested to notice a Merrill photo on the wall that I didn’t remember seeing before. This photo shows the Sisters from a clearing on the slopes near Billy Basin. I have a rough idea of where the clearing is and would like … Read more

Harbor Mountain Road

I heard the lower gates were open on Harbor Mountain a bit early (the sign at the bottom had said they would be open on May 5th), so decided to take advantage of a sunny day and get some easier conditioning in by walking up the road. We were able to drive to the second … Read more