Indian River Valley

It was time to get the data from the Indian River ibuttons I’ve been maintaining or a few years (at some point I should do something with all the temperature data). I had a call for work this morning, so the afternoon seemed like a better option. As it turned out, the weather was more … Read more

Lower Verstovia Trail

Temperatures were significantly warmer today, with highs in the 50s. My understanding is a push of air from the south with perhaps a bit of an assist from downslope winds have contributed to the warm-for-the-season temperatures. Rowan and I went up to the 800 ft viewpoint on Verstovia today. We beat our time from Saturday … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #152 – Phil Mooney

Download Radio Show The March 11th show featured a conversation with Phil Mooney. Phil was a long time wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in the Sitka area. He shared a little about work he did prior to moving to Alaska, then shared stories and experiences from his time in Southeast … Read more

Verstovia Walk

Today’s number to beat was 23 minutes to the 800 foot viewpoint. With wet snow on the trail, I decided I should probably wear boots rather than the lighter (flat bottomed) shoes I prefer. Rowan kept us on a reasonable pace, but I still was suffering more than I expected for much of the way. … Read more

Verstovia to First Viewpoint

Rowan and I made another trek up to the 800 ft viewpoint on Verstovia Trail today. Conditions were reasonably nice, and our pace was more measured than last Friday. We made it to the viewpoint in right about 23 minutes, a four minute improvement over last time, but we felt a lot better doing it. … Read more

Invisible Ash

Rowan and I went on another conditioning outing up to the 800 ft viewpoint on Verstovia Trail. Our target was to beat our previous time from a week before, which was just under 28 minutes. Rowan started us off at a moderately slow pace, which turned out to be a mistake. Last time up we … Read more