Suddenly Ice Free

Yesterday Swan Lake appeared to be about 90% covered in ice, so I was taken aback to see today it was completely ice free. Now I’m wish I had gone down and looked at the quality/nature of the ice yesterday (and perhaps in the days preceding that). I haven’t ever watched the (d)evolution of ice as it rots out. On the other hand, I have been a little surprised at how long it’s taken the ice to melt, as it has been at least a couple of weeks since we had much in the way of freezing temperatures.

Although winds did not seem as strong overnight as forecast (at least at my place), the buoy had seas to 20 feet this morning. In my outings during the day, I saw it was windier in other places, but the downtown area seemed sheltered from the brunt of the wind.

I took a quick walk around the park this afternoon. I found a moth (second I’ve seen this year – Connor had found one a month ago), and noticed blueberry flowers on a couple of bushes that were almost fully emerged. Some salmonberries also had buds that were getting far along.

A lone Trumpeter Swan at Indian River seems to be all that remains of the 40+ that overwintered along the road system.

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