Rain and Blue Stain


Although there were periodic showers today, I didn’t notice any exceptionally heavy rain. Winds were also calmer than I had expected based on the forecast. Now the big wind and rain is forecast for tomorrow, especially south of Sitka. It will be interesting to see just how much it impacts Sitka. I do enjoy windy weather, although I know there is some risk with strong storms and hope that folks remain safe and relatively unscathed (property-wise) from strong winds and rain.

I’ll need to re-upload the picture I’ve included with today’s post when I get a chance to process my photos right, but liked the blue staining fungus (Chlorociboria sp) with the corroded penny and wanted to share it sooner rather than later. This is one I collected yesterday from the Causeway. It was dry, but freshened up when I sprayed some water on it. The fungus is fairly easy to find as a blue stain on rotting wood, but I’ve so far not managed to find many nice fruiting bodies. They tend to be small and I wanted to include something for scale. Then it occurred to me that an oxidized penny would be fun to include with its very similar color.

I spent some time at the airport today and did see a small flock of juncos but not the White-throated Sparrow.

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