Moon over Crescent Bay

Although there were some showers, it seemed more sunny overall today. Herring were continuing to spawn with Fish and Game reporting there were 60 miles of spawn so far. In particular, there was some action in Crescent Bay this morning. I didn’t have a lot of time to look, but I did see an area of active spawning in the little cove at the base of the bridge this morning and Connor saw some over by the park. This afternoon when I had a little more time to look around, it seemed things were not so active. I wondered if maybe that was because the tide was up. This evening (when the tide was down again) I was interested to see that it appeared spawning was once again taking place in the little cove at the base of the bridge, and then a little later (we saw when walking to the Larkspur) an additional small patch of spawning on the other side of the bridge.

When I stopped to take pictures of the moon this evening, I was impressed that Rowan found caterpillars on alder branches (in the dark). I collected a couple, as I suspect they are a kind I’ve seen before but not ever figured out what they were. I’m hoping I can grow them out to see what they turn into.

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