Variable Weather

It was chilly outside this morning and the weather was variable throughout the day. Spring seems to be a time of year that the weather is especially prone to the sun, rain, hail mix that around here (especially during late March and the first week or so of May) gets called herring weather. Some years we get a dump of snow around this time, but that doesn’t see too likely this year. Those could be famous last words, however.

I didn’t spend too much time outside today, instead continuing the pattern of trying to make progress catching up on long running projects (in particular today I was working on the 2012 part of the photo backlog). I know as spring ramps up and the birds start moving more, I’ll feel compelled to get out more, and even now I feel torn as I go through old pictures and am excited by the rediscovery of things that I noticed in the past (many of which are still mysteries for me) which became buried in the backlog and mostly forgotten about, while also wondering what things I’m missing by not being out there now. Hopefully I can strike a good balance between working through the past experiences and continuing to learn and make new discoveries in the present.

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