Wind Across Crescent Bay

The last day of March was a bit chilly, with lows into the upper 30s and the snow level down to around 2000 feet for one of a few times this year. Last night there were some heavy rain showers, but it seemed a bit less wet (at least in the central areas I spent time) throughout the day. What showers did move through were short-lived and not too intense. I walked over to UAS this afternoon and stopped to take a picture of the bay. There was a fairly stiff breeze, but it apparently not enough to raise white caps. I’ve long been curious about the different patterns on the surface of the water, and what causes them. Even in an apparently steady wind like was blowing today, there are streaks of smoother looking water. I wonder if it’s from streaks of wind, or if it’s more from something in/on the water.

This morning there were quite a few gulls in the channel. It seemed like not quite so many this afternoon. I spent a couple minutes scanning each time but didn’t spot anything that stood out to me as unusual.

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