Herring Spawn

The forecast was for wind and rain, heavy at times, with 3/4 of an inch or more of precipitation. In the end, it didn’t rain so much in town, but looking at the radar as the day went on, it appeared there were some pretty heavy bands of rain moving up from the south, though mostly staying off of the inner part of Sitka sound. This evening there were a few heavy showers, but they seemed limited in extent. Although the forecast rain didn’t materialize in quite the way it sounded like it was expected, the wind did move through, as I noticed some pretty good gusts here at the house while I was working on projects.

I got a report that the bluebird was still at the airport, so this evening after getting my radio show put together, I went out there to take a look. I saw it briefly sitting on the fence by long term parking. Interesting that it’s still around, and it makes me curious how much longer it will be. After going by the airport, I decided to head out the road and see if there was any evidence of herring spawn. Just around the corner from Halibut Point Rec, where there is a little cove I saw some active spawn. There were several cars pulled off in a turnout, with people down on the shore, and others fishing from a couple of skiffs. It will be interesting to see where and how much spawn there ends up being this year.

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  1. Yesterday I was telling a friend who makes blue bird boxes to put in the hills in southern Idaho about your seeing a blue bird in Sitka. He said he should give me a box to send up so you could encourage it to stay around.

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