Sunny Sunday

It dawned with clear skies this morning. The lack of clouds overnight led to a decent amount of frost, although I don’t think the official temperature dropped below freezing. Once the sun was up, it didn’t take long for the frost to melt off. I’m not sure what the official high ended up being, but I noticed it was at least up to 50F. Winds were down from yesterday, but picked up a bit out of the east as the day went on. They dropped again after sunset.

I got reports of a bunch of robins, so I’m guessing a bunch moved in overnight. Looks like there’s some activity on the radar this evening. I’ll have to check prior years to see if this is early (and I got my radar scripts working again, so will have the archive getting saved going forward).

I was invited to dinner with some folks this evening, and while there saw a couple of moths attracted to the window. They’re the first I’ve seen this year (and it seems a bit early perhaps, though given the warm winter, not really surprising). One was a Tortricid I think, the other may have been an American Angle Shades (Euplexia benesimilis), but I’m not sure.

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