Brown Booby Update

I got an update on the Brown Booby from Jen today (along with the photos accompanying this post). She said: She [the Brown Booby] is actually doing really well. We have her in an open area in ICU and she has branches to perch on. She is eating a lot of herring and stinking up … Read more

Flying to Roost

While on O’Connell Bridge recently to watch and photograph a sunset, I noticed a flock of 25 or so Northwestern Crows flying across Crescent Bay towards the islands. I grabbed a shot as they went, but lost track of them and don’t know where they ended up. It did remind me of my curiosity about … Read more

Mystery Eggs(?)

On a recent walk around Indian River, Rowan noticed a couple of egg-shaped things underneath an abandoned piece of plastic that appeared to have been in place for some time. The larger one was shaped very much like a small bird egg, while the smaller was more spherical. Rubbery to the touch, they did not … Read more