Continuing Sun

Sunny and calm weather continued. Frost has really built up in the shady areas, but air temperatures are not especially cold during the day.

Although my day was fairly full, I did take a few minutes between lunch and the class at the Middle School to ride by where the mockingbird has been hanging out. I didn’t really intend to stop, but when I arrived, I saw it sitting on the fence in a different location than I had seen previously. This new spot made a better angle for getting pictures, so I took the opportunity to get one. While I was doing that, I thought I heard Trumpeter Swans. Looking up, I saw a lone swan headed south. A few minutes later a flock of 40-50 flew overhead as well. I’m not sure why the one swan was by itself.

The lake was almost entirely frozen today, though there were still quite a few ducks around. I got a report that the Marbled Godwit is still down at the Turnaround, extending its late date for the state record.

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