Harbor Mountain and the Channel

Today’s outing(s) included a trip up Harbor Mountain to replace the soil ibutton. Along the way down I noticed an odd vein that seemed much more crumbly than the surrounding rock. A closer look revealed (apparently harder) rounded rocks embedded in the crumbling rock with obvious signs of layering. I took some (mediocre – I might try to get better on a future trip) photos and will post more about it later. Lots of birds flying across and along the road on the way up (and down) but it was hard to tell what they all were with the short looks afforded by their rapid movement and the fog/clouds reducing visibility.

Back down at sea level a stop by the channel revealed lots of gulls plus several Red-necked Phalaropes right along shore. The light wasn’t great, but it was fun to get close (within 10 feet or less) and try to take pictures all the same.

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