Great Blue Heron Nest

There have been herons reported nesting out at Starrigavan several times over the years. This year there is a nest in the forest bounded by the estuary, the road, and the viewing platform parking lot. It’s a little hard to get good looks at the birds (and they probably won’t be there for much longer, as the young bird is looking quite mature), but it is possible to see them from near the gate and as well as from the small hill with the sign on it along the road. Listen for the croaking coming from the trees to help figure out which direction to look.


  • Why do herons nest in rookeries elsewhere, but don’t seem to here?
  • How long are the young birds vulnerable to predation by Bald Eagles?
  • Do adults come back to the same nesting area year after year?
  • How far do young birds disperse from their rearing area as the grow to adulthood and/or do they return to the same area they were hatched in order to nest?

22 June Photojournal Entry

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