John Brown’s Beach

A friend arrived in town yesterday for the low tide series and I agreed to provide transportation and do some low tide looking. We decided on John Brown’s Beach, aiming to be there around 6:45 for the -2.6 tide about an hour later. Unfortunately, last night I was up until nearly 1am when I felt compelled to capture and photograph several moths that showed up at the light (those are pictured with yesterday’s photojournal, despite mostly being taken after midnight). With the early wake-time, it ended up being a very short night of sleep. Still, it was worth getting down to the beach with someone who is very knowledgeable about the organisms that live there. The pictures are available below, but I’ll be highlighting many of them with a little more depth in the coming days and weeks (or months?).

This evening I went helped out with a group of folks doing a garden work co-op thing. I moved a few rounds and pruned some trees, but also took a bunch of pictures of bumblebees on chives.

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