Graywacke Imprints

Recently I noticed some interesting imprints in the graywacke at John Brown’s Beach. As best I can tell, something that was formerly there is no longer there, and that something was different than the rest of the rock. Perhaps it was some sort of softer stone embedded in the harder graywacke that eroded easily? I … Read more

White Nudibranch

Last week Rowan found a small white nudibranch at John Brown’s Beach. It was one I had not seen before (which isn’t not particularly notable, since I haven’t spent a lot of time on marine life), but it seemed reasonably distinctive. However, it was not quite as easy to figure out as I had hoped. … Read more

Greater Scaups

Spent some time birding today. At Halibut Point Rec there were many ducks near shore, no doubt gathered to feed on herring eggs. The birds weren’t the only ones there for the eggs, as quite a number of folks were on the beach with rakes, shovels, buckets and/or wheelbarrows gathering up seaweed with herring eggs. … Read more

Sandy Beach

We did not have a lot of time, but Rowan has been wanting to visit Sandy Beach when the tide was low enough for the sand to be exposed, so we took a side trip there before going to the grocery store. Highlights included my first vermillion star, an ant-like intertidal beetle, and 2-5 California … Read more

White Trees in the Forest

While taking a break in a spot of sun along Indian River trail recently, I was struck by how white the lichen-covered bark of a riparian stand of red alder (Alnus rubra) appeared in contrast with the greens and browns of the surrounding forest. The bark of alder is naturally gray, but unless they are … Read more