Starrigavan Morning – Totem Park Evening

I was asked to go with the SAIL senior hiking group to look for and talk about birds. We collectively decided to head out to Starrigavan and look around out there. It ended up being a nice walk from the Old Sitka boat launch out on to the beach on the bayside at Starrigavan and back. It was interesting to see a small patch of herring spawn in the cove by the boat launch. There were lots of eagles around in the trees.

Rowan was interested in checking out the herring spawn up close, so I told her she could, but asked her to catch up with the group. Of course she never did, and we came back to find her sitting near a young eagle that seemed to be sunning itself (perhaps after getting its fill of fish). I was also interested to notice what appeared to be a California sea lion or two. Seems like a good year for those. Connor seemed to enjoy walking with one of the seniors and talking about his experiences with birds and taking pictures (with his new camera – very exciting for him).

At Totem Park this evening, there were some migrant shorebirds – so those were nice to see.