Documenting Striations

I recently set up some pages and forms to document glacial striations around Sitka. It’s a project suggested by Jim Baichtal, a geologist for the forest service, while he was in town recently. The main intent is to document striations on islands in and around Sitka Sound to get a better sense the direction of travel and extent of the ice during the last ice age. Since I don’t have easy access to those islands, I figured I would do some documenting of locations along the road system out of my own curiosity and also to help debug the process. I plan to do a more thorough write up of the project (and how to participate) at some point in the near future.

Of note this afternoon were two Anna’s Hummingbirds in the yard. I imagine there have been two for a while, but they usually are only here one at a time, so I wasn’t aware of it until today. I did grab a few shots of one of them after the other flew off.