Unexpected Clearing

I was a little surprised to wake up and find clear skies. I had thought the forecast was for rain for the forecastable future, and checking I saw that I was not wrong. However, this morning there was a break between fronts or something, and though clouds were hanging heavy to the west, bright sunlight illuminated the snow covered peaks around town.

One downside to the clear skies was a layer of ice over most surfaces that were exposed to the sky. My guess is that the clearing took place right after a rain shower and the quick cooling combined with an already cold ground allowed a layer of water to freeze before it could run off. It made for some slippery going until the sun got high enough to melt the ice.

During a walk around the park and along the seawalk, I took a couple of pictures to document current conditions (Indian River and the Pyramids) and a couple because I was struck by the view (Gavan Hill and the Middle Sister). There’s something about bright sun on snow covered mountain backed by blue sky that I find striking.

Though the forecast called for rain starting shortly after noon, it held off until later this evening (though the radar image showed it coming). It’s supposed to be a pretty wet one, so we may end up with an inch or more tonight and tomorrow.

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