Evening Outing

This morning’s walk didn’t yield any photos, though I did see 5 yellowlegs – I thought a mix of Greater and Lesser, but I didn’t see them well enough to be sure. However, I did not find yesterday evening’s Black-bellied Plover. Like yesterday, there were still quite a few waterfowl out at the river mouth – mostly Mallards, but also some pintails, Green-winged Teal, and the usual assortment of goldeneyes and Bufflehead.

This evening I took another brief trip out to the end of the park while Connor and Rowan were filling buckets of seaweed at Sage Beach for Connor’s garden. I managed to catch a lone Bonaparte’s Gull hanging with some Mew Gulls.

The blueberry flower photos were from a plant growing along the beach side of Lincoln Street that is not much longer for the world, as that area will be soon torn up for the sea walk now under construction. In the end it will make for a nicer walk from downtown to Totem Park, but some plants and such will be sacrificed. In any case, I thought the flowers were rather nice in the cloud-filtered evening sunlight.

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