Equinox Sunset

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After yesterday’s snow, today brought clear blue skies and a brightly shining sun. I am still fighting a head cold, and wasn’t able to enjoy the weather as much as I might have liked (Connor and Rowan were able to spend much of the day sledding at the golf course with friends, which they enjoyed greatly). I did shovel off part of the deck on the south side of the house. Although the air temperature may not have been above the mid-30s, the direct sunlight and calm air made for quite pleasant sitting outside. I was even able to lay down and rest for a while, hoping that getting some sun exposure might help me get well sooner. Not sure if it will work that way, but the warmth of the sun on my skin was very nice, regardless.

This evening it was nice to see color in the sky north of west as the sun set this evening. A welcome sign of the increasing day length, despite the snow remaining on the ground.

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