Sit Spot Challenge Day 16

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Time of sit: 6:50pm-7:10pm

I came back from a walk around Totem Park and decided to sit while the sun was still shining on the front of the house. It was again quiet in the near distance, though I could hear gulls calling from far away. This time of day there is more traffic noise and activity from down the hill along Lincoln Street, but no one happened to drive up into this neighborhood.

In the middle distance I heard what I think were probably a couple of different Pacific Wrens – first calling from the Northeast (behind the house and probably down the hill a bit) and the second from the Southeast. Given where I was sitting, the house was between me and the calling bird on both occasions, so it’s possible a single bird was singing from two different locations that weren’t so far apart as they sounded due to distortions caused by sound moving around the houses.

Just before I got up to come in, two Chestnut-backed Chickadees flew in from the south. First one, than a few seconds later, the other. They landed in the lilac bush where the kids have put out feeders. The feeders are nearly empty, but the chickadees each grabbed a bite out of one of the suet feeders, moved to another branch to eat, then flew off to the south, calling to each other as they went.

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