Sit Spot Challenge Day 14

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Time of sit: 11:45pm-12:10am

Skies were mostly clear, and I opted to wrap up in a quilt and sit in the backyard with my back against a concrete form (left over from a large fuel tank that used to be there when I was a kid, but has been gone for many years). In the near distance it was a quiet evening – occasionally a little bit of wind rustled the branches or leaves, but otherwise I noticed little. In the further distance I could hear what seemed like a fair amount of traffic. There is a fairly busy road less than a quarter mile away on the other side of a forested hill, but given the lateness of the hour, it seemed strange there would be so much traffic. It’s also possible I mistook river noise for traffic noise – perhaps the irregularity of the breeze shifted the volume and tones in such a way that it was more reminiscent of the uneven sounds of passing traffic than the more even gurgle of the running water.

I could feel the cool air on my face – seeming getting cooler as I sat. Directly overhead the big dipper was visible beyond the top branches of the alders and spruce trees whose branches extended out.

After sitting for the 20 minutes or so, I decided to curl up to rest for a bit. I ended up sleeping for the better part of two hours before I woke up shivering. I think the combination of dropping temperatures and shifting enough to let some cold air in under the quilt had resulted in my getting chilled.

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