Mystery Lichen

Mystery lichen from Starrigavan Valley. I found it on the ground at the edge of the clear cut, where it had presumably fallen from above. My iNaturalist Observations for Today

WFW: Elderberry Fritters and Spruce Tip Honey

This week’s wild food required a little more preparation than previous weeks. I thought it would be nice to have some spruce tip honey, but knew that it takes long enough to make, that it would not be possible to pick and prepare on Wednesday. Connor and Rowan had a day off from school Monday, … Read more

Stream Violets

This week we picked Stream Violets (Viola glabella) for our wild food. Connor was a little bit over enthusiastic about his picking approach and managed to grab a fair amount of grass in with the handfuls of violets. We also ended up with a lot more stem than I might have been inclined to get, … Read more

Pirate’s Cove on a Sunny Day

For several years I’ve been hoping to get a better version of a photo I first took 10 years ago. The limited window of time where the beach cinquefoil (Potenilla villosa) is blooming well does not always overlap with the time Mt. Edgecumbe still has a decent covering of snow, and even when they do, … Read more