It has been chilly the last couple of days, with partly cloudy skies overnight, but I still was a little surprised to see how much of the surface of Swan Lake was covered in ice. It was thin ice, though Mallards were able to land on it without breaking through. At this rate, perhaps it … Read more

WR: Night Forty

Clear skies with chilly temperatures made for a nice quiet night, weather-wise. Except for a distant eagle calling at 2:30, the only thing I heard until nearly daylight was River Otters chirping. The started about 2:35 and continued through almost 4. They were so faint for much of that time, I suspect in other weather … Read more

WR: Night Thirty-nine

Another quiet night weather-wise. Despite the good listening conditions throughout the night, I did not pick up much on the recording. There was a distant Western Screech-Owl near 7am that I was barely able to pick out from the almost as distant raven calls. A raven gave a brief croak around 2:30am, perhaps an interesting … Read more

WR: Night Thirty-eight

Rain, heavy at times (with some associated wind) periodically through the night. Between showers there was a pretty steady dripping of water. I did notice the sound of the drops off the roof have changed. I think it’s because the leaves have fallen off the salmonberries that are growing against the house. Got the best … Read more