WR: Night Thirty-three

I did not hear much through the steady rain. There was an otter a little before 4am, then more otters and mystery calls between 5 and 5:30. One of the mystery calls was the shorebird-like calls. There was more than one call this time, but none of them were as loud or clear as the clip I posted a few days ago.

River Otter Mystery Calls: I’m still puzzled by these River Otter/Mystery Calls. In this clip, it seems as though there’s an echo effect smearing the call somewhat, though in the very last call, there is not really any echo. It’s hard for me tell for sure if the final call is the same as the earlier ones, though it seems like maybe it is.
Download River Otter Mystery Calls

River Otter and Mystery Calls: Recorded only 5 minutes or so after the previous clip, this starts out with what I’m pretty confident is a River Otter. About halfway through, the calls change to the mystery calls that sound kind of like gulls to me.
Download River Otter and Mystery Calls

Early Rising Bald Eagle: This Bald Eagle probably spent the night in a tree behind the house. It was up early on a rainy Sunday, though given the time change last night, it was not as early as it might have otherwise seemed. Recorded at 06:37.
Download Early Rising Bald Eagle

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