WR: Night Twenty-six

It didn’t start out windy yesterday night, but the wind picked up during the night and seemed to blow as strong, or stronger, around the house as it has on any of the previous nights. Forecasted windspeeds were lower, so perhaps the direction was more conducive this area to feel the full force of it.

Mystery Call: I suspect this is a River Otter. It’s in the same frequency and has a similar tone quaity to the chirps, but it’s more drawn out. There are two vocalizations with a car driving pulling away in a nearby gravel parking lot between. Recorded at 22:33. Download Mystery Call

Mystery Call: I have no idea what this call is from. It was quite faint, and may be difficult to make out above the noise. I have included an additional clip which has had a noise-removal filter applied. I think the call is more or less intact, but there are definite artifacts in the background. Recorded at 23:16.Download Mystery Call

De-noised Version:

Download de-noised version

Mystery Call: This is a very short clip of a single call. It sounds most like a peep (the collective term for several species of small shorebirds), though I do not know why one of those would be flying around here now. Recorded at 00:58. Download Mystery Call

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