20 February Photos: Little Things

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Much of the snow from earlier in the month is gone now, so I decided to look for some small things to do some macro photography. I found a little black cup fungi, and a small bryophyte. All of these photos were taken with the Canon 65mm 1-5x macro lens and available light.

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2 thoughts on “20 February Photos: Little Things”

  1. Nice job, Matt– I love your close-ups. And I’m impressed, as ever, with your ID skills– I’ve never tried to tackle leafy liverworts; haven’t a clue! Could the fungus be Sarcosoma? “Black rubber cup” in my Audubon guide, though I like your name better.

  2. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed them. I enjoy getting photos of little things from time to time. I don’t think this fungus is a Sarcosoma, but I wouldn’t bet the bank on it. It’s been suggested to me before that Plectania is probably the correct genus, though I’ve not yet managed to find an appropriate species.

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