Lack of Updates

My wrists/forearms started hurting several weeks ago like I was have carpal tunnel trouble, so I’ve tried not to type so much to give them the best chance at recover. As of yesterday I modified my primary typing arrangement, and it seems to be much better so far, so hopefully I’ll be getting back to regular updates soon.

In the meantime I have been making very brief notes about what I see. I’m not sure whether I will put those in one post, or backdate several posts. I have also been working on processing and uploading photos from 2007 to the new style of photojournal. I’ve currently got pictures uploaded through the middle of May, but the photojournal has only been updated with January photos. I did create a photojournal page with links to the individual posts. I’ll try to put up a notice whenever I get a month or two worth of photos added into the photojournal page.

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