Bear Mountain Flora (part 4 – Other Novelties)

Roseroot (Sedum roseum) Other Posts in the series: Bear Mountain Flora (part 1) Bear Mountain Flora (part 2 – Saxifrages) Bear Mountain Flora (part 3 – Aster Family) This is (finally) the last post about the plants I found on a hike up Bear Mountain earlier this month. This will be sort of a catch-all … Read more

Daily Observations: Fungi and Gulls

This entry is part 163 of 222 in the series 2007 Photojournal

The forecast was for wet and windy weather, but when it hadn’t arrived by late this morning, I decided to get down to the park before it got wet. Connor and Rowan joined me and collected some rather large sticks (cut lumber in Rowan’s case) they were carrying home. Rowan noticed that dragging her 2×2 … Read more

Slaty-backed Gull (age? more than one?)

Slaty-backed Gull with Glaucous-winged, Herring, and Thayer’s Gulls all nearby. Today I saw a very dark mantled gull that I am reasonably confident is a Slaty-backed Gull. The heavily streaked head with quite pale eyes and pink legs seem to leave no other alternative, as far as I can tell. Gulls of the Americas suggests … Read more

Daily Observations: Totem Park and Fall Fungi

This entry is part 162 of 222 in the series 2007 Photojournal

I spent most of the day at home, since Rowan did not want to go anywhere. Eventually, we convinced her to go for a walk to the park, so she, Connor and I went for a walk this evening. Weather: A break in the weather today, with relatively warm, partly cloudy, skies. It was definitely … Read more