Daily Observations

Northern Pintails on Swan Lake

Rowan and I spent some time at Swan Lake today.

Weather: It was partly cloudy and quite breezy today.

Birds: There were two Northern Pintails at Swan Lake. A Green-winged Teal also flew in while we were there.

Swallows were flying overhead at the lake, but all I could tell is they were not Tree Swallows.

There was one shorebird that flew over the lake (I think it might have taken off from the far shore). It was small, and my guess is that it was a phalarope. It did not seem to look or sound quite right for a Western or Least Sandpiper.

Rowan was pretty excited about a bird she saw this morning. She described as a large bird with polkadots and really wanted me to come out to see it. I did and we were able to see a Northern Flicker briefly before it flew on. I presume it is the same one I have been seeing/hearing around the house for at least the last week.

This evening there was a Lincoln’s Sparrow foraging in the backyard. It was calling rather actively, but I did not see any other birds, and I am not sure what had it going.

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