Daily Observations


Connor got a gift card for McDonalds for his birthday, so we borrowed a friend’s car and while we had it, also took a family hike along the Forest and Muskeg Trail and Estuary Life Trail out at Starrigavan.

Weather: This afternoon it was overcast, with a few breaks in the clouds. It rained a bit, but not while we were hiking.

Birds: There were a couple of Great Blue Herons in the Starrigavan Estuary, but I didn’t notice too much else of note. In particular, I did not see any shorebirds, though I had heard people had been seeing them recently.

Other Notes: There were a lot of Pink Salmon swimming up Starrigavan Creek.

There was an interesting fungus along the Forest and Muskeg Trail. I had not seen one like it before. I took a few pictures and will probably put it up on the 1000 species project blog at some point.

There were Lingonberries starting to turn red along the muskeg portion of the Forest and Muskeg Trail. We also ate some of the largest blueberries I have seen around here. They were about the size of the blueberries you can buy in the store (though I much prefer the taste of our wild blueberries, to those produced commercially).

We have cocoons! We found three cocoons from the catepillars we have been feeding. I’m not sure if these are species that overwinter as cocoons, or what, so I am not exactly sure what to do with them. For now, I have put each in a separate container and am leaving them inside with the other containers holding the caterpillars.

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