Bird Nests

This month I happened across three different active bird nests in less than a week. In my experience, it’s not that easy to find most bird nests. I have managed to notice a few around town, where cover is limited and people are much more accepted by the birds. I have also found a few … Read more

Cross Trail Muskegs

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Daily Observations

Melissa and I went the quarry road to the intersection with the Cross Trail and looked around a bit. After she left I wandered around the valley a bit more, making it as far up as the bench muskeg along the trail. Weather: Overcast and warm. Little rain, with some breeze. Birds: There were a … Read more

Dead Bug Mystery

I took this picture of a dead bug this evening and didn’t think much of it until I looked at it a little closer at my computer. This sort of thing seemed familiar to me. I thought I had recently read something about it, and I was able to find it when I looked at … Read more

Daily Observations

I haven’t spent much time outside the last couple of days, but I did wander around our yard and the open area across the street this evening. Weather: Today was mostly cloudy with a little bit of a breeze. Temperatures were in the 60s. Birds: There was a report that some shorebirds have started to … Read more