Daily Observations

Yellow and White Orchid

Rowan and I went for a short walk around Westwood Trail this evening.

Weather: The day started off sunny, but clouds increased in the afternoon. This evening there were only a few small breaks in the clouds, mostly to the north. It started raining after dark tonight. Temperatures remained warm, and winds around the house were pretty minimal.

Birds: I’ve been hearing lots of fledglings about. Also some singing going on, so perhaps some birds are declaring territory for a second brood.

I found a dead Winter Wren along the trail. It was pretty well decomposed, but looked like it was pretty much intact.

Flora: We are definitely into summer green now. I noticed Goatsbeard blooming with Deerheart, Shy Maidens, and Foamflower still going, as well. The Coralroot orchids are up, including one I’ve seen without the normal coloring (shown above). I’m not sure how common this variant is, but this is the first time I have seen it.

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