Daily Observations

Bonaparte's Gulls

I made it out to Halibut Point Recreation Area today to look at the gulls.

Weather: It was mostly cloudy with only a light breeze. The sun did peek through the clouds on occasion, but it was infrequent.

Birds: My goal at HPR was to get more (and better) photos of Bonaparte’s Gulls. There were probably a couple of dozen of them out there, some quite close to shore. Unfortunately, they were a little wary and I did not have the time to sit and wait for them to get comfortable with me. Even so, I was able to get a few photos that were a little better than what I had before.

While scanning the gull flock, I happened to notice a larger gull with yellow legs. It was the first California Gull I have seen.

There was a Northern Flicker calling and maybe drumming in the area (at HPR).

This morning there were several very vocal ravens along Lincoln Street. One of them in particular was making a whole array of interesting sounds.

Also along Lincoln Street, I heard a Song Sparrow singing, saw a Fox Sparrow hop-scratching, and heard a Hummingbird flying around. There were lots of gulls along the shore, and a number of eagles flew over.

I’ve heard from a couple of different people that there are a lot of Fox Sparrows around the last few days, but I’ve not happened to be in a location where I saw many.

Other Notes: The early blueberries are in full bloom, and some of the salmonberry flowers along Lincoln Street are almost open. One sunny day should do it.

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