Daily Observations

The Pyramids

The birding class went to Halibut Point Recreation Area this morning. This afternoon and evening I spent some time down on Sage Beach looking at birds, collecting herring eggs on seaweed for the garden, and just enjoying the sun.

Weather: It was mostly to partly cloudy at various points during the day. Winds seemed to be out of the south this afternoon, but by early evening, things were pretty calm. Some of the clouds dropped some rain, but not a lot.

Birds: There was a hummingbird visiting the blueberries at the upper edge of the beach early this evening.

Among the usual gulls at HPR were a couple of Bonaparte’s Gulls. There were also goldeneyes, Buffleheads, Mallards, and a few Harlequins.

I think there might have been a Glaucous Gull (going into its second year) off Sage Beach this evening.

Other Notes: There was quite a bit of seaweed washed up on shore, much of it with herring eggs. I filled five buckets and then made the mistake of trying to carry them all at once. I ended up needing to shuttle them up the hill. Connor filled a smaller 2.5 or 3 gallon bucket and managed to get that up the hill by himself. He also helped spread the seaweed on the raspberries.

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