Daily Observations


Connor, Rowan, and I took a walk along Westwood Trail and through the park. They were enthusiastic at first, but their enthusiasm (especially Rowan’s) dwindled well before the end of the walk. In the past they’ve lost enthusiasm because they were cold, but this time they both stayed very warm in their snow pants and multiple other layers. I think the problem for Rowan was the extra effort needed to make progress through the snow with lots of bulky clothing on.

Weather: Occasional very light flurries occured throughout the day, but I don’t think there was any additional accumulation. Wind’s were mostly calm around the house and in the park. One interesting thing about this snow is it seems to be much lighter/more powdery than what I ususally remember seeing in town. As we were walking through the park, there were several times when a branch shed a pile of snow and it landed with a thump and a billow of powder carried by the displaced air. A couple of times we were close to this and had to turn quckly to avoid a face full of snow.

Birds: I was hoping that Connor and Rowan would be able to see the swans that were at the park yesterday, but they were not there today. We did see many Mallards and Common Mergansers. I heard an American Wigeon calling among all the Mallards, but did not spend much time trying to see it (by this time Connor and Rowan had lost their enthusiasm). The bulk of the gulls seemed to be spread out a ways out off the rivermouth and out toward Crescent Bay.

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