Daily Observations


It’s been a busy few days, with not much time spent outside. I did get to go for a short boat ride out to Eastern Channel then back through Crescent Bay and out a little past the runway.

Weather: Monday was sunny and decently warm (for this time of year) with calm winds. If it wasn’t for classes, I probably would have gone kayaking. The sunset was pretty colorful, but there was a band of low clouds on the horizon. Tuesday it was overcast and cool, but winds were light. Out on the boat, there was a pretty good breeze blowing out of Silver Bay; enough to cause white caps. In Crescent Bay there was very little wind, and only a gentle swell past the runway.

Birds: While out on the boat today there were several Common Murres, at least one Thick-billed Murre, a Rhinocerous Auklet, several Common Loons, several Pelagic Cormorants, at least a couple of Marbled Murrelets, a Pigeon Guillemot, various goldeneyes and mergansers, a Harlequin or two, a Long-tailed Duck (just out from Crescent Harbor), and numerous gulls and eagles.

Quite a few gulls were at the fish cleaning station taking advantage of scraps being tossed by a couple of fisherman cleaning fish.

Other Notes: There was a large sealion also taking advantage of the scraps dropped by the fisherman.

The rhubarb is starting to come up in the raised bed behind our house.

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