Daily Observations

Forest Light

Between recovering from the semester and getting through Christmas, it’s been a busy few days. I did get out a couple of times a little way up Indian River to investigate a dead pine tree (more on that in an upcoming post). I’ve also busied myself setting up a photoblog. I will keep putting photos in with this weblog, but the emphasis will continue to be on the observations and thoughts. I decided it would be nice to have a place to put a little more focus on some of the photos I take that I like, so I started the photoblog.

Weather: Wind continued through Christmas, though it was not so breezy today. There has been rain mostly, with a little bit of snow. When the clouds are thin in the evening, the temperature has dropped into the low 30s with frost/ice forming on the ground.

Birds: Today up in an Indian River muskeg, we saw a lone waxwing. I’m pretty sure it was a Bohemian Waxwing, but it did not stick around for long.

On the way back from Indian River, I saw a Redpoll by the gym along the flume.

Although I have not seen it in at least a couple of weeks, Connor and Melissa saw the heron at the flume on Christmas.

Other Notes: There was an insect of some sort flying around the muskeg today. I guess it was above freezing, but it sure seems like a bad time of year for it to be out and about.

There was lots of evidence of insect work on the inside of the pine tree’s bark. We even saw at least one larva.

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