Daily Observations

High Tide

I had another full day at school, but did manage to take a few pictures between classes and meetings. I have noticed that this warm weather after two plus weeks of wintery conditions makes me feel like it should be spring. This could make for a long winter since we are not even to the solstice.

Weather: It was mostly overcast today with a few patches of sunshine. There was actually a pretty nice sunset and an hour or so later, I could see the full moon outside my office window rising between Verstovia and the Sisters. The rain held off for most of the day, but it’s started up again this late this evening as I am writing this.

Birds: The Great Blue Heron was at the flume again. When I went to my first class, it was standing at the top of the falls. In the middle of the class, I could see it had flown up to the railing of the foot bridge. It was still on the railing when I left class. It seemed to be trying to get some sleep, but it would pull its head out from under its wing whenever someone would walk close by.

There was a Kingfisher that seemed to favor a couple of different perches along the flume.

There were several Black Turnstones on Sage Rock and a few other ducks off Sage Beach, though I did not get a good look at them.

I saw a Brown Creeper on one of the trees along Hillcrest Drive on my way home early this afternoon.

Other Notes: There were deer tracks in our front yard this morning. When I came back up this afternoon, it almost seemed like there were more deer tracks than I had seen in the morning. I’m not sure whether the deer was wandering around relatively late or I just did not notice all of the tracks on my way to class.

Today was one of the higher tides of the year.

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