Daily Observations

Wind Blown Snow, Mt. Verstovia

I did not have much time outside today, but did get this picture of the snow blowing off the peak of Mt. Verstovia.

Weather: The snow did not fall all day, but there were periods of snow that were quite heavy. The total accumulation of snow appears to be 4 or 5 inches now with more expected to fall tonight. Very early this morning (late last night) I woke up and heard thunder a couple of different times. The first time it was very loud. Around campus there were periodic gusts of wind, but overall it seemed pretty calm. The snow was clearly blowing off of Mt. Verstovia this morning, so I think there were some pretty strong winds in more exposed locations.

Birds: There were several robins around campus as well as a bunch of starlings. These are mostly what I noticed while walking between the campus buildings.

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