Daily Observations

Gavan Hill at Night

I did not get out much today, though I did go for a short walk this evening. I went outside to cover up the lettuce, since it was getting pretty cold and I heard some chirping sounds that motivated me to investigate. The photo for today was taken from near our house this evening. It shows Gavan Hill illuminated by moonlight and the trees and shrubs lit by neighborhood street lights.

Weather: It was overcast with some rain throughout the day, but skies cleared up in the evening and the temperatures dropped.

Other Notes: When I first heard the chriping, I walked across the drive toward where it was coming from. It sounded to me like it was coming from the trees just down the hill toward Sage (beside the library). I went back home to dress a little better for an evening walk and headed out. As I walked past the Stratton Library, I realized the sounds were actually coming from the hatchery area. Upon walking up to the fence there, it sounded like they were coming from the area near the raceways. It was at this point that I remembered that river otters also making chirping sounds (which I had only heard once previously). The calls were so loud, I could hear them from my house.

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